Saturday, November 14, 2009

Canadian Art Find

This week we are starting work on a lovely estate located in a penthouse just north of the city. The couple, originally from Forest Hill, moved up to this enclave favoured by well heeled retiring seniors about 20 years ago.

Several years ago the father sadly passed away and his wife has now moved into an assisted living situation with the help of her children. With the condo sold, they are faced with selling unwanted and unneeded items; that's where we come in.

On the living room wall, visible when you first walk in, is a large oil by Canadian painter Harold Town. Dated 1959, it is a good period for Town, one hotly sought after by collector's. It has never been a favourite of the children, and understandably so, it has frenetic, almost angry brushwork in varying shades of red, making for a somewhat gruesome tableau. (The Harold Town pictured, while similar, is not the painting we are referring to).

However, it IS a very important piece of artwork and one that the family has decided to sell.

It's interesting when it comes to a piece like this, Harold Town is an important artist, a founding member of the Painters Eleven and his work always does well, particularly an original oil of this size from the this period. And while antiques may come and go in and out of fashion, and even stocks and bonds will rise and fall, art, GOOD art, almost always seems to go up in price. This makes it a pleasure to sell, there are interested and eager buyers. Imagine that, a rare occurrence in today’s antique marketplace!

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