Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Victorian Couch

There are a few things we get calls about that make us cringe. Cringe because we unfortunately know that there is next to no market for. One of those 'albatrosses' is the antique / Victorian / camel back sofa.

The fact is that they are usually too low for modern seating arrangements, need costly re-upholstering and repair and are rarely comfortable. Newly reupholstered antique pieces don't cut it either, they generally won't be right for their new buyer and then there's the hygiene issue of using 'another person's sofa'.

The reality is that you can buy a new sofa in a store like the Art Shoppe or even IKEA in your own choice of fabric and shape and have it delivered to your door in 6-8 weeks, avoiding all the problems of an antique piece of seating.

So, unless you're sitting on a really, really special antique couch, chances are it's not worth much if anything at all.

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