Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vintage Furniture ~The Goods

So enough about furniture that doesn’t sell; what about furniture that does? What follows is a list of furniture that I find to be still desirable in the market, at least here in Toronto.

1. Art Deco furniture
2. Art Nouveau furniture
3. Arts & Crafts furniture
4. 1950s & 60s teak and rosewood furniture
5. 1950s & 60s Scandinavian designed furniture
6. 1950s & 60s modern style furniture
7. 1950s & 60s painted Italian furniture (Florentine, etc)
8. 1960s, 70s, 80s chrome, glass and Lucite furniture
9. English Georgian and earlier antique furniture
10. Any piece of furniture with a designer’s name attached to it

As you can see, it’s primarily ‘modern’ style furniture that is in current style; clean lines rule the day.

We often find the most saleable styles of furniture (in particular 1950s-60s Scandinavian modern) were purchased by architects, artists and other like minded people with modern tastes and an eye on design and construction. They often still love the furniture they bought all those years ago, or their children do, making them a rarer find in todays market.

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